Peripherically Drilled Rolls

These rolls are a factor of success for a profitable production of fabric and foil goods made from rubber mixtures.

With state-of-the-art production facilities we manufacture these rolls with a barrel length of more than 4,000 mm, achieving a precision in the micrometer range. With our deep-hole drilling bench we can carry out drills of up to 11,000 mm length and a diameter of 400 mm. According to their application the rolls are cold or hot ground and moreover they can be chrome-plated.

The Chrome Steel roll shows extraordinary excellent wear resistance properties. This roll type provides very good campaign lengths and therefore is recommendable for the production of winter tires with a high proportion of silica. Our roll grades are the following:

DURANIT – Chilled Cast Iron, Single Poured or Double Poured

CROMANIT CS – Chrome Steel, exclusively Double Poured