Paper Industry

Whether in a hard or soft nip calender, supercalender, multi nip calender or wide nip calender rolls are the heart of every paper calender. Increasing production requirements with regards to speeds, tolerances and quality result in higher roll prerequisites such as running behaviour, wear resistance and temperature distribution.

We optimize the roll design, the heating concept and the material especially for your paper grade and operation application.

Material Paper Industry


Unheated solid chilled cast iron rolls with integrated or bolted-on journals are often being used in Hardnip Calenders / Machine Calenders with two or more rolls. We will be happy to talk to you about possible improvements of your production process with regards to design details of the rolls.


Today’s Hardnip Calenders / Machine Calenders with two or more rolls, Soft-, Super- and Multinip Calenders are normally powered by heated chilled cast iron rolls with peripheral bores. The thermal transfer from heating medium to the roll surface of the peripheral bore system is superior and energy saving compared to other flow principles. On top of the proven flow principles Monopass, Duopass and Tripass we have developed the Counterpass system which provides an especially homogeneous distribution of the temperature over the roll surface.


These alloyed and especially wear resistant heated rolls which are being manufactured using the spin casting process score with a very homogeneous and if necessary even thicker hard layer than our DuraTherm Rolls.


Heated rolls made from nodular iron with peripheral bores used as an intermediate roll in a Multinip Calender ensure a safe operation of the individually used roll cover by means of minimization of the temperature difference between inner and outer diameter of the cover.

Products Paper Industry

Karl Buch manufactures highly wear resistant rolls with excellent thermal shape and true running stability with our state of the art equipment. Our CNC controlled grinding machines can produce every required surface profile. By individual polishing we can achieve surface qualities up to mirror finish. Furthermore we can supply calender rolls with various surface coatings.