Plastic Industry

For many years KB roll grades have delivered optimal performance as efficient and high-precision tools all over the world. With our state-of-the-art installations, high wear-resistant rolls with excellent thermal shape and true running stability are produced. Our CNC-controlled grinding lathes allow every required surface profile. The grinding can be carried out as cold or hot grinding, depending on your individual working temperature. By well-directed polishing we can achieve surface qualities up to mirror finish. Furthermore, Karl Buch can supply calender rolls with various surface coatings.

Material Plastic Industry

Chilled Cast Iron DURANIT

Rolls from Chilled Cast Iron – which is the most common material for calender rolls – can be supplied as single-poured or double-poured rolls with grey cast iron core or nodular cast iron core. The excellent barrel surface with hardness ranges of up to 78 ShC provide excellent results to our customers.

Chrome Steel CROMANIT K

The double poured chrome steel roll which can be supplied with a hardness of more than 80 ShC, due to its carbide structure, excels due to a distinctly improved wear resistance with superior mechanical properties. It will be a pleasure for our specialists to give advice on the choice of an optimal material grade appropriate for your production.

Further Roll Grades

For special applications or special requirements Karl Buch also supplies other grades, adapted specifically to their application. This range goes from Nodular Cast Iron rolls up to high alloyed Cast Steel rolls. It will be a pleasure for our specialists to give advice on the choice of an optimal material grade appropriate for your production.

Special Constructions

Apart from the classic solid cast roll which is drilled afterwards, we also produce special constructions. Then the roll body or shell is provided with flanged-on, shrunk-in or glued-in necks or axes (for example rolls for IT calenders).

Products Plastic Industry

These rolls are produced by means of most modern production installations with a possible barrel length of more than 4,000 mm. The achieved precision lies in the micrometer range. On our deep-hole drilling bench we can carry out drills up to a length of 11,000 mm and 400 mm diameter. Depending on their application the rolls get a cold or warm grinding and furthermore they can be chrome-plated. Surface qualities up to mirror finish are part of the KARL BUCH standard program. We supply the following roll grades:

DURANIT – Chilled Cast Iron, Single Poured or Double Poured Rolls

CROMANIT CS – Chrome Steel, is exclusively produced as Double Poured Roll

For further details please open our technical data sheets.

Apart from the classical roll which is solid cast and drilled afterwards, we also produce other constructions, e.g. rolls for IT calenders. These rolls can be carried out as a shell with flanged-on necks.

Our service range does not only include machining of existing rolls but also their repair. Among others we carry out the following machining:

  • Cold, hot, superficial grinding of the barrel, surface roughness up to Ra=0.02 µm
  • Inside and outside cleaning of the roll
  • Check-up and cleaning of the peripherical drills
  • Replacement of closure systems
  • Neck repairs
  • Surface treatment
  • Modification of rolls

With our state-of-the-art installations we can grind rolls up to a diameter of 1,600 mm and a total length of 11,000 mm. Deep-hole drilling can be processed up to a diameter of 400 mm and a maximum length of 11,000 mm.

Please contact us; promptness and flexibility are our strong points.