Steel Industry

In our high-tech foundry we produce work rolls for the steel industry with finished weights up to 85 tons. Starting from a diameter of approx. 300 mm, we cast high-grade cast iron and cast steel rolls for all applications in Plate Mill, Hot Strip and Section Rolling Mills. All rolls manufactured by us imply the following properties:

  • excellent wear resistance
  • very good and constant surface qualities
  • long campaigns
  • high operational reliability
  • a very good cost-benefit ratio
  • analyses adapted to each application

Material Steel Industry


With HSS-rolls an extraordinary rolling performance is obtained by extremely hard and wear-resistant special carbides of the alloying elements W, Mo, V and others which are imbedded in a high alloyed and treated matrix, having an excellent high-temperature strength and tenacity. The TERANIT-roll achieves the longest campaigns and highest rolling performances with a first-class roll surface. For the various applications we provide HSS-rolls with finely graded carbide contents of Semi-HSS (TERANIT A) up to genuine HSS (TERANIT B, C, D).

Chrome Steel CROMANIT CS

Chrome steel rolls with low up to medium chrome carbide contents are used especially in roughing stands of hot strip and Steckel mills due to their high thermal wear resistance. They excel due to their reliability and good rolling performances.

Chrome Iron CROMANIT

Chrome Iron rolls with higher carbide contents are used as finishing rolls for sheet and strip. Due to their high wear resistance and a fine-grained structure CROMANIT-rolls achieve best rolling performances with excellent rolling stock surfaces.
Typical applications are:

– Finishing stands of hot strip mills
– Work and skin pass rolls in cold strip mills
– Work rolls in plate mill stands
– Rolls with shaped surfaces for the production of corrugated sheet (rhombic design, tear design and others.)

Indefinite Chill ULTRANIT

Typically the Indefinite-roll is used in the last finishing stands of hot strip mills, in Steckel stands and plate mill stands. Further applications are work and back-up rolls in finishing and skin pass stands of cold strip mills as well as in the production of non-ferrous metals. In comparison to standard roll grades the advanced and especially alloyed Indefinite-rolls achieve higher performances. The material grade ULTRANIT S has additional high wear-resistant special carbides which are embedded in a fine-grain matrix together with finely dispersed graphite.

Nodular Cast Iron SPHÄRONIT

Sphäronit-rolls excel due to a predominantly pearlitic structure with embedded cementite and spheroidal graphite. The latter confers to the roll material a high resistance and a good thermal conductivity. Also, this material is mostly used for edgers in hot strip and plate mills.

Nodular Cast Iron ASTRANIT

Our ASTRANIT-rolls obtain their excellent wear resistance due to high alloying contents. These rolls require, however, an optimal and intensive nozzle cooling.

Cast Steel SOLANIT

SOLANIT-rolls cover the range of eutectoid and hypereutectoid cast steel grades. The hardness and wear resistance of the various material grades are obtained by alloys and intensive heat treatment (SOLANIT C and D). Furthermore the rolls can be supplied graphitized (SOLANIT G) and high graphitized (SOLANIT SG). These rolls are typically used as edger rolls in hot strip and plate mills.

Special Alloys

The use of special micro-alloying elements in combination with an intensive heat treatment allows an improvement of the performance of all KB-roll grades and an individual customization. These roll grades are characterized by an additional “S” in their brand name.

Products Steel Industry

For the use in hot strip mills you will find in the Karl Buch production program the entire range of work rolls, from edgers to roughing stands and the last finishing stands. All known roll grades, including the advanced HSS materials, are provided. Karl Buch also supplies the corresponding work and back-up rolls for the subsequent skin pass stands.

Being one of the worldwide leading suppliers of work rolls for plate mills, we provide the whole range of roll grades and roll dimensions. With our production installations it is possible to supply rolls with a finished weight of up to 85 tons. Apart from Indefinite Chill, Chrome Steel and Chrome Iron rolls, Karl Buch is the first global supplier who has successfully put HSS-work rolls in a plate mill stand into operation.

All back-up rolls are exclusively supplied with Nodular Cast Iron Core. They show a high wear resistance, combined with an excellent surface quality. For skin pass stands we supply double-poured rolls with an optimal design in the following roll grades:

ULTRANIT – Indefinite Chill
CROMANIT – Chrome Cast Iron

For further details please open our technical data sheets.

We produce the following roll grades:

SPHÄRONIT – Nodular Cast Iron
SOLANIT – Cast Steel
SOLANIT G – graphitized Cast Steel
SOLANIT SG – high graphitized Cast Steel

For further details please open our technical data sheets.

The wide range of roll grades produced by the roll foundry Karl Buch also offers the use of cast work and back-up rolls for many applications in the sector of cold strip mills and for the rolling of non-ferrous metals. It will be a pleasure for our specialists to give advice on the manifold application possibilities.

We supply fine-graded roll materials for all applications in the comprehensive scope of section rolling. Apart from a favorable tearing strength we guarantee a high fracture resistance and a good constant surface quality. Our production range includes rolls – plain barrel straightly turned or grooved – in the following grades:

SPHÄRONIT – Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron
ASTRANIT – Acicular Nodular Cast Iron
CROMANIT – Chrome Iron
SOLANIT (G, SG) – Cast Steel (free from graphite, graphitized, high graphitized)

For further details please open our technical data sheets.

Karl Buch produces rings, starting with an outer diameter of 300 mm up to the biggest dimensions for universal beam mills, in all common grades such as:

SPHÄRONIT – Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron
ASTRANIT – Acicular Nodular Cast Iron
SOLANIT (G, SG) – Cast Steel (free from graphite, graphitized, high graphitized)

Of course the rings can be mounted on axes. Our excellently equipped machinery enables us to carry out all necessary machining steps as for example:

– Turning
– Milling
– Drilling
– Planing
– Welding

For further details please open our technical data sheets.

Karl Buch benefits from worldwide experience and our skilled staff members will gladly provide you with advice in order to determine the optimal roll grade for your special requirements. Please contact us!